Hunting Thrift Finds

You know I always love a good thrift hunt! People always ask me how I find such good things at thrift shops (because they seem to get stumped themselves). I tell them that you’ve got to keep an open mind and you’ve got to go a lot! I see more junk than treasure, so in order to find those diamonds in the rough, I make a quick pass through my local thrift shops whenever I’m near one. And I don’t go in looking for something specific (that’s the fastest way to get frustrated). Instead, I keep an open mind and that way I’m delighted by the treasures I find.

Here are some I’ve found recently at my local Value Village

A couple of vintage jadeite dinner plates — perfect for some chocolate chip cookies or even just as decorative objects in a plate holder.

Massed as a collection, jadeite can look so so beautiful!

I also found a whole bunch of vintage mason jars with old zinc lids. These are great for lots of uses, not the least of which is as lovely, humble vases for fresh flowers.

Lilacs and wild flowers look especially nice in mason jars.

This wonderfully shaped mirror was a score.

Painted out in a fresh colour like this yellow one, I think it will definitely hold its own with modern or traditional furniture! The gold’s not bad, but a colour could be fun!

And back to flowers. I’ve been wishing for a vintage glass compote like this one for a long time. It’s the perfect vessel for garden flowers and just gives them that extra lift, you know? I can’t wait to fill this one with flowers I grow this summer!

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