Impressive Manhattan Mansion

Anyone hoping to nab the recently listed Alphabet City home of author-editor Sue Hostetler might have to get in line behind Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig. The movie star couple has reportedly toured the 6,500-square-foot, $8.5-million mansion, and it’s easy to see why they might be interested.

Hostetler — who writes about art and decor — clearly has a sharp eye for design, and has crafted, over four floors, a series of boldly graphic but livable spaces. Plus, the house has many features completely unheard of in the middle of Manhattan: a 900-square-foot patio, drive-in garage and wood-burning fireplace (in the above great room).

The black-and-white striped walls makes a strong statement in the living room, and are softened by a casual woven rug, coffee-and-cream sofa and timeless Eames chair.

Beautiful, inky-blue walls create an intimate, romantic dining room.

But, really, if this was your principal ensuite, would you actually spend time in any of the other rooms in the house? Not only do the pale, aqua blue walls pair perfectly with the two-tone tiled floor, but there is room for a daybed (just in case you need a place to lounge as the tub fills with water).

For more information on the house, contact Town Residential.

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1–4. Town Residential

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