Interview: Fabric Designer Ann Grafton

Designer Ann Grafton has been known to pick fabrics with Queen Elizabeth II (yes, the monarch definitely has a say in her decor!), but Grafton keeps mum about whether she’ll have a hand in the royal nursery. Grafton is the creative director behind the century-old English luxury textile and wallpaper house GP & J Baker, which has held a royal warrant since 1982 and supplies fabrics for the royal residences and palaces. She’s also the author Interior Transformations, which has been translated into 7 languages. We asked her about Brit style and her royal connection. 

House & Home: What trends have you noticed in fabric design that you are excited about?
Ann Grafton: The trend towards translating classical designs into contemporary colors for today’s interiors, giving rooms personality, interest and modernity is exciting as is the growth in conversational wallpaper reflecting the interest in pattern on wall surfaces; beautiful textures including luxurious velvets in jewel colours, wools and linens add interest and layers to contemporary interiors.

H&H: Which trend are you happy to say goodbye to?
AG: Minimalism. I love rooms with character and these interiors have a sterility about them which is not my aesthetic.

H&H: Fill in the blank: A well designed room is….
AG: One which has a timeless quality and personality.

H&H: Do you plan on writing another book to follow up Transformations?
AG: I would love to write another book. Time is an issue; however I intend to get there one day!

H&H: How would you typify English style and what makes it so enduring?
AG: English style is enduring, timeless and charming. It is a high/low style which incorporates humble and priceless objects in a personal, eclectic way.

H&H: G P & J Baker has held a royal warrant since 1982, has there been a shift in royal style in recent years?
AG: As the person that holds the royal warrant and works closely with the royal household across many palaces and castles, the royal household does not tend to follow trends, but chooses appropriately for the interior and architectural style.

H&H: Do you have a favourite fabric?
AG: I adore linen and Lorena linen from Threads is a personal favorite, which I have in my sitting room in London. Designing for GP & J Baker lets me access one of the most treasured archives in the world, and enables us to work with traditional design and endorse British craftsmanship with classic designs. It’s a huge privilege.

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