Celebrity Style

March 17, 2016

Is Sarah Jessica Parker Building A Mega-Mansion?

Looks like Sarah Jessica Parker needs more space for her shoes! She and husband Matthew Broderick have recently purchased two historic townhouses side-by-side on West 11th Street in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village for $35 million, sparking speculation they’ll turn them into a single mega-mansion. 

sarah jessica parker townhouse

The landmark properties had been occupied by a nonprofit organization since 1920 and were built in 1900. If the rumors of combining the homes into a single-family residence are true, the home will have a stately 50-foot-wide brick facade with nine bedrooms, five baths and a grand total of 14,000 square feet – including a 2,100-square-foot landscaped garden. We look forward to seeing how she decorates the interior. If it’s anything like her last one, it’s sure to be stunning.

Author: Sabina Sohail