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September 14, 2010

Japanese Design

I was in a new Toronto store called Mjölk the other day. It is a fairly new addition to Dundas Street’s trendy Junction area. They specialize in Scandinavian designed products, but they also carry designer lines from all over the world. It is a really beautifully designed store and feels more like a well-curated gallery. When I was there, they had some brand new Japanese paper and brass products that really stood out.

Photo Blog September 14 Japanese Design Basket

Check out these baskets designed by industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. Made entirely of paper, they’re both beautiful and durable.

Photo Blog September 14 Japanese Design Bags

Also in the same collection are these Naoron paper bags (made from wood pulp and polyolefin using the washi-suki paper-making method). They’re super soft, flexible, water-resistant and stronger than they look — they would be great for the market. They’re even available in a number of different colours including black, grey, brown and red.

Photo Blog September 14 Japanese Design Metal

The other items that really stood out for me were the brass pieces designed by Oji Masanori. Can you guess what these are? You got it — bottle openers!

Photo Blog September 14 Japanese Design Metal

I also fell in love with this collection of trivets. These would look amazing mounted on a wall, let alone sitting on your table.

Photo Blog September 14 Japanese Design Hooks

And finally, check out this set of eyehooks — such beautiful hardware!

For more eco-conscious industrial designs, check out Stacey Smithers’ Do Not Dispose blog post.

Photo credits:
1-2a. Stephanie White
2b. Siwa
3. Oji & Design
4. Stephanie White
5a. Oji & Design

5b. Stephanie White