Jillian Harris’ Decorating Tips

Jillian Harris, ABC’s former Bachelorette and a Vancouver interior designer, passed on tips to H&H from her new gig on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. She recently had the opportunity to reconnect with fellow Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, and not on a stage with host Chris Harrison this time. Rather, she set to work redesigning Ali and Roberto’s San Diego home for OK Magazine. Here are some of the “after” photos of Ali’s home, plus photos from Jillian’s own home, and her three tips for adding personal style to your own space.

1. “Throw away the catalogues and magazines, and bring personality into your home,” she says. “Think about what is special to you and what will bring attitude into your room. Some of my favourites are tables made from reclaimed wood with permanent personalized placemats, your first home’s key framed in a shadow box, or your parent’s old jeans turned into a rustic denim duvet cover. Reuse and repurpose — it’s environmentally conscious and unique!” Ali and Roberto’s special mementoes (above) are displayed in their living room, adding sentimental charm.

2. “Use pops of colour,” Jillian adds. “Don’t be afraid to mix colours — colour schemes can sometimes be restrictive. Mix different shades of yellows, greens, blues, and mix and match different patterns. Think plaid and gingham, or florals with a chunky herringbone. If you love it, it all goes.” Take a cue from these painted wood side tables. Two in different shades of green pair well together because they share an antique-inspired style.

3. “Make personal photos unique by blowing them up and framing them professionally,” Jillian suggests. “Take interesting parts of a photo and crop out extra space. In a photo of your family, for example, zoom in on the feet only and tweak the colours digitally to give it artistic appeal.” Jillian enlarged candid photos of Ali and Roberto to hang over the bed (above), which really lend a personal feel to the space.

In Jillian’s own home (above), her tutu is a childhood item that works well with the soft palette of the bedroom, and even complements the feminine ruffles of the duvet cover.

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