Kenyan Retreat

I’ve never been on safari, but that hasn’t stopped me deciding that having to drive out in search of the animals is too much work. Happily, this spread in Kenya provides a solution: at Osero House, you can sit on the porch and watch the fauna go by at everyone’s leisure. Let’s drop in ourselves.

The exterior’s stucco and local stone isn’t much to look at, and there’s no lush expanse of lawn to welcome you to this low-rainfall area. But those picture windows and broad terrace on the right have an unobstructed view over the savannah to Mount Kilimanjaro.

High ceilings and large windows help the open family and living rooms seem even airier, and a collection of African art further connects the space to the locale.

At night, cosy up to one of the three fireplaces. Don’t fret about finding firewood on the savannah; in addition to its spacious common areas, the house has staff quarters for eight.

The four bedrooms all have ensuite baths; this one even opens onto the terrace. Since the home looks out onto Amboseli National Park, only the wildlife will notice if you step outside in a bathrobe.

As luxurious as the house may be, this is what you really came to see. The plains of the Amboseli area are one of the best places to see elephants, and the house has two watering holes (shown here) to encourage visits from wildlife. If you’re lucky, you might even glimpse a lion or two.

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