Decorating & Design

December 2, 2008

Kitchen Appliance Colours

Q. We recently purchased a new home with an open-concept kitchen/family room. My wife chose buttermilk cupboards with a white glaze and we need help with a countertop, wall paint and appliance colour. It’s driving us crazy! Especially the appliances. I like white, she likes black and we both like stainless steel. But if we can save some money by avoiding stainless steel and yet have a visually appealing kitchen, that would be wonderful!

A. Stick with the creamy colour of your cabinetry for the walls of your kitchen. The buttermilk colour will provide a bright room, and using warm undertones and painting the cabinets and walls the same light colour will make the space feel larger.

The countertop is a great area to create contrast by using materials like dark grey soapstone or black granite. Soapstone is light grey when new, and deepens to a rich, charcoal colour with use and frequent oiling. Granite is a rich, sturdy option too and a polished charcoal grey or black would contrast handsomely with the cream walls and cabinets.

Stainless steel appliances would definitely add drama and style to the room, but you can still keep the kitchen looking current with white ones. You can’t go wrong with white and they will blend in nicely with your off-white kitchen. Another clever way to get the stainless look without spending too much is by adding stainless steel canisters and accessories to the room instead.