Kitchen Banquette Seating

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I’m always hoping I’ll get the coveted booth seat. The last time I went out with a group of nine, for instance, six of us squished into the nook before we realized that there were empty chairs all around us. I think having seating like this at home would be most enjoyable, and I’m sure would be a big hit with guests and kids, too. I’ve seen this look over and over through the years, and enjoy it regardless of whether it’s a trend. Here are a few photos I’ve gathered for inspiration should I ever get the opportunity to incorporate one of these seating arrangements in my own kitchen.

The nook created between this cabinetry is the perfect space for a bench. It creates a great symmetrical look.

Striped fabric adds colour and fun to this mostly white kitchen. Curved seating allows access to three quarters of the table, too. The solid chair seats complement the stripes.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in your kitchen, customizing the bench to follow the bends allows you to maximize a small space.

I like that these booths aren’t too cutesy or cottagey — modern and contemporary designs can incorporate this seating style, too. By forgoing pillows, the look stays sleek.

To the left, banquette seating flanking both sides of the table creates a true restaurant feel. In Kate Spade’s kitchen on the right, I love the long bench along one side. The fabrics on the accent pillows and cushions match the checkerboard flooring. Very Kate.

The banquette seating here has a sense of privacy as it’s contained within this window nook. It’s also another example of how the style can be incorporated into clean-lined spaces.

This ticking stripe bench paired with a rustic farmhouse table demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of space or custom furniture to get this look. If custom is in your budget, however, there are endless examples of that, too. Sarah Richardson took the banquette look into a living-dining area, for instance, and made it glam.

There’s also a stunning example in House & Home‘s April 2011 issue by designer Anne Hepfer, which hits newsstands on March 14th. In there, H&H editor Kathryn Bala also puts the spotlight on window seats she loves.

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