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May 12, 2010

Kitchen Hardware

I’m pretty sure they have a file on me at Lee Valley Tools. I’ve been popping in there almost every day for a week (okay, two weeks) to look at all the hardware options. I’m sure they think I’m crazy. I only need to select ten handles for our kitchen cabinets, but my head is spinning with all of the great choices — linear and modern, unique and artistic, detailed Arts and Crafts or even retro cup pulls. It’s time to end this reno-decision pain. I think my fiancé would agree. He has been working hard on our kitchen renovation, assembling and installing all of our Ikea cabinets himself, complete with customized cuts and joints. My job should be easy: just pick the darn handles!

Photo Blog May 12 Kitchen Hardware Ikea

Our black-brown Shaker-style Tidaholm cabinets were easy to choose — classic and affordable. While traditional, their square lines easily match many handle styles.

Photo Blog May 12 Kitchen Hardware Modern

This gorgeous kitchen by Henrybuilt perfectly illustrates how the right hardware can elevate the look of any kitchen (although I think this one is fairly perfect already).

Photo Blog May 12 Kitchen Hardware Handles

And, these two simple knobs completely change these wood cabinets. Without them, it just wouldn’t be the same. You see my dilemma?

Photo Blog May 12 Kitchen Hardware Ikea Handles

Of the endless options, I am leaning toward one of these. These linear recessed-handle pulls from Ikea are both cheap and cheerful.

Photo Blog May 12 Kitchen Hardware Lee Valley

And, I quite love the old-school industrial-style of these from, you guessed it, Lee Valley Tools.

Photo Blog May 12 Kitchen Hardware Branch Handles

But, the tree-hugger in me wants to branch out (sorry for the bad pun!) with these organic looking twig handles from Modern Objects.

As for my hardware woes, our managing editor Katie put it best, telling me not to worry so much; handles are the one thing you can easily switch up at any time! This is something we say a lot in the magazine, and I just needed to hear it again. Lee Valley Tools, I promise to make a purchase next time I’m there!

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Photo credits:
Lee Valley Tools
Modern Objects