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May 12, 2009

Kitchen Pick-Me-Ups

By now I expect you’ve seen the tea towel we framed for Gotta Have It in our June 2009 issue. As much as I love our shot, it was a tough job narrowing down to just one tea towel.

Now I’m not sure if it’s my British background, but I have a slight obsession with tea towels. I have a reasonably sized collection at home and continue to add to it whenever I can. My most notable find is probably the one printed for the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Fortunately, these picks are a lot easier to come by:

tea cup illustration on t towel

1. Cuppa Tea by Mr. PS. Mug o’ char? Fancy a brew? Cup of tea? Pot of Rosie Lea? Une tasse de thé? However you choose to say it, this tea towel is sure to get the message across.
16” x 28”; 100% cotton, hand printed in the UK

beet illustration on tea towel

2. Beetroot by Lush Designs. Beetroot is a truly wonderful British vegetable; gnarly on the outside and incredibly beautiful on the inside. Apparently, Romans believed it to be an aphrodisiac, and sometimes (if you eat a lot of it) you may have pink side effects as it passes harmlessly through your digestive system! Hoorah for this beetroot tea towel.
18” x 29”; 100% cotton.

"t" towel with the letter t

3. ‘t’ Towel by The Manicule. I’ll have a ‘t’ please, Bob. Get it?! It’s a t-towel tea towel! Classic…
18” x 28”; 100% heavy-weight natural cotton.

not a paper towel tea towel

4. I’m Not A Paper Towel Dish Towel from Good Egg. Break your dependence on paper towels by investing in a cotton dish towel! Large 20” x 28” all-cotton dish towel with fun silkscreened images and sayings like "I am not a paper towel" or "Emotionally unstable."

eat at home tea towel

5. Eat At Home Dish Towel by Blue Q from Good Egg. Eat your broccoli. So, what did you learn in school today? Stop hitting your sister. Get mommy another glass of wine. Giant 20” x 28” all-cotton dish towel, hand woven in India by Fibinda and screenprinted with water-based non-toxic inks.

Photo credits:
1. Cuppa Tea by Mr. PS from
2. Beetroot by Lush Designs from
3. ‘t’ Towel by The Manicule from
4. I’m Not A Paper Towel Dish Towel by
Blue Q
5. Eat At Home Dish Towel by
Blue Q