Knitted Stools

Winter may be coming to an end, but the thermometer is giving no clear indication of that happening. Let’s face it: it’s still cold out and I want to curl up with a chunky sweater near a fireplace. That’s why these crazy knitted stools and chair from Claire-Anne O’Brien are so appealing. Why curl up with a sweater when I can curl up on a sweater!?

Here are all the stools in different knits and colours. Made from a mix of lamb’s wool and sheep’s wool, I bet they are as soft as they look.

Just like a bulky sweater, I can’t resist the cosy neutrals. Doesn’t that texture make you want to run your hands all over it? Gorgeous.

Here’s a view from the top of the creamy rectangular stool. It’s beyond luscious.

Claire-Anne also designed a chair for British Wool Week. Could there be a sofa in the works?

She also has a nice blog filled with images of texture and upholstery inspiration. The Arrowroot cookie pillow that she posted makes me smile. Then again, most cookies will do that to me…

Photo credits:
1-4. Claire-Anne O’Brien
5. Grab Your Goggles

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