Ladder Love

On Tuesday, photographer Donna Griffith and I took a little road trip out of the city to shoot the Storewatch for our May 2011 issue. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the photos look beautiful! I can’t wait for you to see them. The shop has lots of lovely vintage-looking lights hanging from its original tin ceiling, so I spent a lot of time climbing up ladders to move fixtures into or out of shots, which got me thinking about how I need one of these handy inventions in my own apartment, which has 12-foot ceilings. Unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere to stow a ladder when it’s not in use, so I’d need to incorporate it into my decor. So I sought out a little inspiration for how to do that.

I like the idea of using one to supplement closet space. I’d prop it in the bedroom to lay out the next day’s clothes or hold extra blankets.

Here’s a similar idea, which is appealing if, like me, your home has lots of height but not a lot of square footage. Putting hooks or shelving up high leaves lots of room for furniture and art while the ladder makes them accessible.

I originally saved this portrait by New York photographer Simon Watson because I was inspired by its pitch perfect moodiness. Now I’m all about the ladder as bookshelf. (I’m also all over that red octopus light, but that’s another story.) Moving all those books to change a lightbulb, however, would be super boring.

These shots prove it’s possible to just stack a ladder against the wall as an interesting object and forget about giving it an interim use.

This would be especially true for a sleek modern style, like this one from Design House Stockholm, which comes with a matching peg for wall-mounting. So clever! Now, where’s my credit card…

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