Leaning & Layering

My fascination with the “leaning and layering” technique came about when I went from having too much space to not enough space. Now I have to crawl over my bed to get to the other side of the room. Of course getting rid of stuff wasn’t an option.

The slanted ceilings in my new room made for very little hanging space and so, quite accidentally, I started leaning my art, prints and photos against the wall. My mother would call it laziness, but I ended up leaving them like that on purpose. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Some may think this uncoiffed look is a little messy, but there’s a difference between clutter and styled layering. We often don’t even notice layers because they are everywhere. Here are some of my favourite layered rooms.

The mirror, art and desk in this space layer nicely against graphic wallpaper. It’s much more interesting than walls painted a solid colour.

I love layered art. Leaning your pieces against each other lends a studio-like feel.

On a mantel, begin with a mirror and work your way out with art and family tokens for a stunning effect.

Propping various types of wood cutting boards in a kitchen adds texture to a plain backsplash.

Piles of blankets in a cosy sitting area are so inviting.

A sofa placed in front of a door isn’t practical — but it looks great!

I’m moving out next month and definitely taking my new-found love for leaning and layering with me.

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