Let There Be Light

These last few weeks, I’ve noticed the days are slowly getting longer — and warmer! Lucky for me, my apartment boasts a full wall of windows facing east, offering plenty of sunlight, and plenty of greenery come spring. Although these lovely windows of mine have heavy drapes to cover them up (a girl’s got to sleep in sometimes, right?), I often ponder whether I should take them down for a full sunlit look. Here’s a small collection of inspiration photos that will surely have you daydreaming, too.

This industrial loft from the Netherlands is stunning with its sky-high ceilings. And what a statement those windows make!

If you use your kitchen for more than just microwaving, you probably crave more natural light. This Brazilian home has a wall of windows extending to the second floor. Imagine enjoying a view onto your courtyard while eating your morning toast.

This kitchen is surrounded by windows — all without drapes — allowing sunlight to flood the space. And I love the kitchen table that doubles as an island. See more of those in our photo gallery of tables as islands.

This breathtaking structure called “The Brain” is a 14,280 cubic-foot cinematic laboratory built for a filmmaker who wanted a quiet space to work out ideas. These large windows give way to the plush Seattle greenery.

The idea of windows shouldn’t be limited to exterior walls. This home uses them to share light between two rooms. Have you noticed the vanity is actually an old desk? I love a good DIY recycling project!

This dreamy cottage is in the woods of Alabama. I couldn’t imagine better windows for a cabin. Time for a nap?

If your home wasn’t blessed with great windows but you crave the loft look, try faking it with an oversized mirror that reflects light and extends sight lines.

With the warmth radiating through the office windows as I write this, I’m reminded that it might be best for me to wait for colder months to strip my windows bare, seeing as the morning sun (and heat!) won’t be so pleasant come summer time!

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