Decorating & Design

November 27, 2008

Liven Up A Too-Beige Bedroom

Q. I recently constructed a headboard for my bedroom and now I realize that I have too much of the same colour happening in the space. What could I change to make the room appear more inviting?

— F.L., Moncton, N.B.

A. Bravo on your DIY upholstered headboard! I applaud your use of neutrals and you’re definitely on the right track with your contemporary style bedding and layered pillows. By adding a bit of colour and contrast, this room can easily become the inviting retreat you’re looking for.

To add more oomph, start by changing the wall colour. As you’ve pointed out, your current colour — a nice deep caramel — is too similar to your headboard fabric, which gives the room a flat appearance. You could go as light as a creamy oyster, or if you prefer a deep wall colour, think about a warm gray.

Bedding with colour and pattern can add lots of visual interest to a bedroom and make it appear much more welcoming. Think about pairing damask patterned bedding in green-blue, topped with deep brown quilted shams and a coverlet. This colour combination will definitely inject your room with a sense of elegant comfort.

Your bedside tables and lamps feel a bit dated next to your fabulous headboard. Think about replacing them with tables in an espresso finish to match the headboard frame. The weighty look of heavier nightstands on each side of your bed will counterbalance the height of the headboard and the drawers will give you lots of extra storage space.

I suggest replacing your current table lamps with ones that complement the height and straight lines of the headboard. Purchase something with a chunky glass base that is contemporary and glamorous, and will add a luxe feeling to the space.

Finally, the small framed pictures beside your bed look a little lost. Think about removing them and hanging some fairly large framed black and white photography on the wall perpendicular to your bed instead.