Living With Pets, In Style

As I sat down at home to type this blog post, I was struck by two things. One, I can’t believe we are finally in the home stretch of this renovation. And two, it is very awkward to type with a large cat sitting across your arms. Anyone else who has a four-legged family member knows that they factor into everything you do — even renovating and decorating. So, how do you accommodate pets in a stylish way?

Photo Blog June 9 Cat Beds Living With Pets Living Room

Designer Rosie Daykin, for example, has made her cat’s Plush Pod scratching post a sculptural design element in her living room (see the brown egg-shaped item on the left).

Photo Blog June 9 Cat Beds Living With Pets Wicker

Smitty, our 13-year-old black cat, has been the de facto supervisor on this whole reno, watching every last project unfold. He has kept many a contractor company, eyeing their every move, and watched us paint, wallpaper and fix almost everything. Here, he is looking unimpressed that I have put his old wicker bed in the Goodwill pile. Looks like I may need to first get him a new one that will not only fit him a bit better, but also look great in our new space.

Photo: modern couch and cat bed

This moulded bed has the same mid-century lines as our Gus Modern sofa. It would look great in a mod plaid, too.

Photo Blog June 9 Cat Beds Living With Pets Texture

Alternatively, this find would inject some nice texture into the space.

Photo Blog June 9 Cat Beds Living With Pets Ikea

As would this double-decker from Ikea.

Photo Blog June 9 Cat Beds Living With Pets Bench

Or we could add some bright colour with a great fabric bed.

Smitty’s old bed, like some of our favourite old chairs, will likely stay in the house somewhere out of sight. But after all this dust and hard work, I feel we all could use a new spot to rest.

For more on modern cat accessories, check out Stacey Smithers’ blog post on ModKat’s sleek litter box.

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