Lovely Lucite

Lucite has a fantasy mystique about it. Maybe it’s because it looks like a block of ice even on the hottest day in summer, or Lucite’s space-age “nothingness” seems to magically levitate objects placed on top of it (including people, in the case of chairs). Lucite’s a neat trick in any room.

Warm metal heats up icy backs and legs on Lucite chairs.

These chairs won’t fight with striking table decor at a party.

A lighter-than-air dining table floats off a white plank floor.

A glam coffee table lets a rug pattern peek through.

A clever use of Lucite, this clear shelving is thick enough to be substantial, yet almost invisible.

A Lucite console cuts the sweetness of a girly vanity …

… and steps in as a sleek display in a foyer.

1st Dibs is a great spot to source vintage Lucite furnishings.

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