Luxe Wallpaper With Traditional Japanese Influences

Remember playing with a Spirograph as a kid, creating pencil crayon works of art with a geometric twist? Well this stunning wallpaper is kind of like that, only far, far better than anything we ever came up with at arts and crafts time. Italian designer Paolo Cappello re-imagined traditional Japanese motifs, like an archer (above), horseman, samurai, koi carps, butterflies, birds and peach flowers, in sinuous linework. Each of the designs, all inspired by 18th century prints, has a background that mimics rice paper or linen, while the imagery is represented by intricate patterns of curls and whorls. Appropriately, he’s named the collection, which was designed for London Art, Tangles.

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Stacy Lee Kong
Paolo Cappello
Wallpaper, London Art.