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May 1, 2009

Lynda Reeves’ Budget Tips

Paint your doors. White interior doors are ho-hum. Black or dark charcoal grey doors are sharp, graphic and interesting.

Re-upholster an old ottoman in a fresh, interesting colour or a graphic print. If the legs show, and they are nicked and scratched, stain them espresso brown or paint them black.
Add juicy accent colours for pizzazz, but stick to inexpensive finds. Look for fun ceramic vases, painted chairs, plates that you can put on a coffee table or hang on a wall, throw pillows, coloured glass jars, or framed prints. This season’s hot accent colour may be juicy orange, but in a year you’ll probably need a change.
Look for the "piece" in unexpected places. I have a cupboard full of beautiful fabrics that I have found in flea markets, fabric stores, antique shops, discount outlets and designer showrooms. Sometimes they are thrown over a sofa back, used as a tablecloth or bed spread, or just tossed over the arm of a chair. The wonderful colours, textures, prints and handiwork can literally make a room.
Strip tired wood tables and chairs down to their natural finish. Bleach out stains, rub some buff paint into the crevices and oil the furniture. Yes, it takes time and trouble, but it’s a great inexpensive way to achieve a greyed oak frame that you see in all the hot decorating stores. If you get a bad surprise and the wood is in really terrible shape, just paint it a fun colour.

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Author: Lynda Reeves

Gabor Jurina