Marilyn Monroe’s House

Let’s look back at how mid-century stars used to live — or at least where they lived — and imagine them roaming the halls and lounging in the yard. Marilyn Monroe’s life story is synonymous with glamour, fame and style, and therefore it’s fitting that her homes were equally as glamorous.

There’s an element of voyeurism that piques the public’s interest when it comes to celebrity homes. Think of those Hollywood tours and maps that allow you to peek through the front gates of the most high-profile celeb homes — where they live, even where they used to live, how much time they spent there, how much the home sold for. So when I learned that Marilyn’s Brentwood, California home was on the market this summer, the voyeur in me revealed itself.

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe Connecticut

Before she ventured out on her own, Marilyn lived in a sprawling estate in Roxbury, Connecticut with her 3rd husband, playwright Arthur Miller. Here they are on the lawn, appreciating the simple things in life. After countless Google searches, I couldn’t find interior photos of the home, but I wanted to include these because they just seem so… happy… and real. And I can almost peek into those windows behind them…

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe California

After their divorce in 1961, Marilyn fled back west to her home state and bought this home in Brentwood, California for $90,000.

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe Pool Backyard

This past July, the 1929 Spanish-style, one-storey Hacienda was listed for $3.6 million USD.

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe Office Pool

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe Kitchen

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe Living Room Bookshelves

The home is the largest in the Helenas, a coveted area in Brentwood, but is still quite small compared to other celeb homes. Nestled in a citrus grove, it features so many of the things I covet — a lush, secluded courtyard, terracotta tiles, vast skylights ushering in natural light, original wood ceilings and beams, glass-front cabinets and built-in bookshelves in nearly every room. Ahhhhh a girl can dream…

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe Bedroom White

The home boasts a modest four bedrooms and three bathrooms. I love the crisp white palette in this bedroom, accented only by the greenery outside the windows.

Photo Blog August 20 Marilyn Monroe Bathroom Windows

And notice all the old hardware on the windows — timeless! If I lived here, the windows would be open year-round.

I’m sure the home’s interior has changed since Marilyn’s time, but there are certainly elements that have remained untouched, and those, in my opinion, are the best features of the home — the flooring, ceilings, windows and built-ins. Like Kimberley wrote yesterday, there’s something to be said about looking back, drawing inspiration from timeless design, and, for me, imagining myself in the midst of it all.

For another celeb home — one that’s a bit more current — check out Jennifer Aniston’s House.

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