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June 1, 2009

Marvelous Monograms

It has to be said: I love anything with a monogram. Maybe it’s the preppy in me. Maybe it’s the fact that I raised myself on issues of Martha Stewart Living. Or maybe it’s because I’m a young fogey — a term H&H coined years ago which suits me to a T. In any case, give me a stylized font emblazoned on anything from stationary to finger towels, and I melt.

White and pink bedding with monogram

There’s something so satisfyingly finished about personal details like monograms and I find they can give that designer edge to any standard issue item. A case in point: I was recently working on a story all about budget decorating for the magazine and wanted to spruce up some department store linens. “A-ha!”, I thought, “This is a job for a monogram!” Okay, maybe I didn’t think those words exactly, but that was the vibe.

Here’s what I found: will monogram many of their sheets and towels for $7. That’s right, SEVEN! The monograms on the pillowcases are on the outside hem, which wasn’t for me (I wanted a bolder, more centred statement), but for hand towels — absolutely! What a classic and personal wedding gift those would be. You can also get just about anything monogrammed at the Little Monogram Shop in Port Perry, Ontario, which is where I went for my pillowcases. Check out page 122 of the June issue of H&H to see the results, and let me tell you — they’re sweeeeet! It cost about $15 per monogram to get a crisp, preppy design custom-stitched onto some plain cases I provided.

green and white towels with monogram

So why not try it out? You can choose the font, colour, and even specify the size — it’s truly custom style at bargain prices. So go ahead, be a fogey, and be proud of it. Your newly stylish bed will thank you for it.

Photo credits:
Style Court, Carson’s Faves from April 17, 2008