Meet House & Home’s Editor-In-Chief, Beth Hitchcock

House & Home is proud to welcome our new editor-in-chief, Beth Hitchcock, who brings a lifelong passion for words and decorating — along with 19 years of experience in the magazine industry — to her role. A former executive editor at H&H, Beth estimates that she’s written and edited 200+ design articles. With degrees in both English and Journalism, as well as an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing, she has been a guest lecturer and instructor at colleges and universities across Ontario. When she’s not at the office, Beth can be found puttering around her century home in Toronto’s east end. Discover her decorating style, learn about her most beloved antique find and more, below!

How would you describe your decorating style?

Traditional with a touch of “Hmmm… That’s interesting.” Though I tend toward interiors that are on the pretty side, I’ve learned the importance of including one contemporary element — whether it’s a light fixture or piece of art — that throws it all off-kilter and keeps the space from feeling predictable. 

What is your favorite room in your home and why? 

Definitely my kitchen (pictured above, right). It’s been five years since the renovation and I still walk into it and feel happy every day. For me, it has just the right balance of light and dark, refined and rustic, vintage and new.

What is your best flea market score of all time? 

A pair of black-satin-glass candlesticks (pictured below, bottom right) — I later saw the exact same ones at an antique store for five times the price I paid! Their matte finish spoke to me, and I’m a sucker for a twist or spool silhouette, whether it’s a candlestick or a table leg.

beth hitchcock living room

What is the biggest decorating mistake you’ve ever made?

How much space do we have? There was the time I convinced my mother to install plush wall-to-wall emerald-green carpet in our family room — but I’ll blame the late ’80s for that regrettable idea. Like everyone else, I’ve had my share of paint crises where you roll on the color and think, “Uh-oh…” only to re-do it two days later. And then about eight years ago, I experimented with some mid-century modern pieces and geometric fabrics. It wasn’t a mistake in that it looked terrible, but I realized I was smitten with a trend that wasn’t my design-soulmate after all.

What colors do you gravitate towards most?

There’s a lot of blue in my house, from the inside of my front door (pictured below) to my kitchen backsplash tiles, and then upstairs on my bathroom ceiling. But lately I’m really loving green. Emerald, olive, mint — bring it on.


What is the most interesting home you’ve ever written about?

That’s the tough one — there’ve been so many over the years. But James Davie’s house from 2015 Trends Issue comes to mind. His attention to detail and quality in the renovation of his heritage home was truly inspiring — fantastic millwork, a to-die-for kitchen, and not a plastic switchplate or outlet cover to be found. Everything was period-perfect.

If you could have a meal with anyone in the world, who would it be, where would you go and what would you order?

I had breakfast at Le Coucou in New York recently and was blown away by its interior, which was designed by Roman & Williams. The landscape mural behind the bar made me want to move in and live there. So, even though this sounds like the mystery-solving answer at the end of the game Clue, I’ll say Alice Munro at Le Coucou with the clafoutis-style pancake.

What is the one thing you think every home should have?

An amazing area rug that defines the palette for the the living or family room. Oh, and also a great console table because it can be styled so many ways and work in so many spaces. And a statement light fixture for the dining room… Do I really have to pick just one?

What makes a house a home? 

People you love and shared stories that make you laugh.

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