Metal Walls

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some photos of a Tom Ford-designed home after the fashion designer’s London, England mansion sold for an undisclosed (read: astronomical) sum. What struck me most about the aesthetic was the use of steel walls. At first, I wasn’t impressed — metal walls have always seemed cold and harsh to me. Thinking about it more, though, I realized that steel, copper and tin finishes are much more versatile, and can add warmth, colour and character to a bedroom or living room. Here’s what I mean:

Fashion mogul Tom Ford in his relentlessly masculine living room, which is swathed in steel. He no longer lives in this house in London’s exclusive Chelsea neighbourhood.

The plush, upholstered furniture contrasts nicely with the hard, edgy walls and ceiling.

In a house in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, architecture firm Delson or Sherman used copper to give a bedroom natural warmth. The metal is cut into wavy ribbons, which also helps soften the look.

Pressed tin panels are popular on ceilings but look just as charming as a wall finish.

This space, designed by architect Steven Holl, isn’t a house — it’s New York University’s Department of Philosophy — but there’s something inspiring about the delicate, porous wall made of laser cut steel.

Corrugated steel often feels ultra-industrial, but once weathered, it has more of a country farmhouse character.

What do you think of the look?

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