Mirror, Mirror, On The Mirror

Working in the design industry, there are certain words and phrases that you hear over and over. “Layering” has been mentioned so often lately that I’m officially declaring it the word of the week! This got me thinking about all the things I could start doubling and tripling up on. My search led me to the simple but incredibly elegant trend of mirror layering. Why have one lovely piece when you can have five lovely pieces?

Since every closet just isn’t complete without a full-length mirror, apply the technique of mirror layering in your dressing room or walk-in closet. The result is a charming aesthetic, plus it will really open up a small space.

Layering a small bevelled mirror overtop a wall-mounted vanity mirror is an easy way to add glamour.

Mirror layering also proves to be an inexpensive alternative to artwork. Whether you arrange a grouping of mirrors along an entire wall or simply stack them together on a mantle or shelf, the layering technique creates a gorgeous effect.

Do you like the look of mirror layering? What other items do you find look great when layered? Comment below!

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