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September 22, 2009

More Blogs To Love

It’s hard to believe that Canadian House & Home has been around for almost 23 years now. During that period, the public appetite for design and decorating has grown exponentially (what did we used to watch before HGTV?!). It’s the same for us H&H editors: no matter how many design shows, magazines and blogs you can throw at us, we always want more, more, more.

You may recall that we already listed some of our favourite design blogs earlier in this space, such as Apartment Therapy, design*sponge, Desire to Inspire and Elements of Style. But you didn’t think we could stop there, did you? Oh, no! Here are a few more blogs that you definitely need to bookmark, RSS or follow on Twitter.

Photo Recycled Flag Zannah Cooper

"Style Court talks a lot about paintings and artists, but as an art history major, I appreciate the deeper look into art and design’s history and roots," says H&H assistant style editor Michael Penney.  "You always see things that you thought were new trends and realize their decorative motifs and have been around forever. It grounds my interior design knowledge." (Look for our Style Court gallery, launching this Monday, September 28th.)

Photo Purl Bee Blog Charley Harper Needlepoint Canvases

Penney also likes Purl Bee‘s inspiring crafty projects. "It’s great for the recessionista with make-your-own ideas," he says. "It perfectly dovetails with all of the hand-made, human-touch trends we’re seeing out there like felt, cable knitting, and patchwork. I love the humble, small-town vibe too. And so colourful!"

Photo Acapulco Chair Arren Williams Design Lab

We also like Arren Williams Design Lab for its modern finds and wallpaper scoops (look for Arren’s newly renovated home in a 2010 issue of H&H). Decor8 for its flowers, vintage-chic furniture and artwork. And All The Best for revealing the stunning inspirations and interiors of artists, designers, gallery owners and more. And while we’re on the subject of decor voyeurism, you’ve got to love the offbeat interiors featured on The Selby, too.

We haven’t exhausted our list of favourite blogs yet, and we’re looking forward to sharing more. Until next time, we want your opinion on top blogs for design, decorating, food and entertaining. Please help us get our fix: plug us into your favourite blogs!

Photo credits:
1. Recycled flag ©Zannah Cooper from Style Court
2. Charley Harper Needlepoint Canvas from Purl Bee
3. Acapulco Chair imported by Innit Design from Arren Williams Design Lab