Much Ado About Trim

My fiancé, Justin, and I scraped, stripped and sanded layers and layers of paint from the old woodwork in our house. Tedious, but rewarding. We tried to save the baseboards where we could, but had to replace some of them. We took a sample to Central Fairbank Lumber and had some milled to match. There was one small miscalculation though, as we forgot that the floor was going in beforehand, which meant that the new boards were all an inch too tall. Sigh…live and learn. So, we (ahem, Justin) cut them all down.

Photo Blog July 7 Baseboards Trim Before

Here they are before…

Photo Blog July 7 Baseboards Trim After

And here they are now. We are still debating the need for quarter round. What do you think?

Photo Blog July 7 Baseboards Trim Living Room Wainscotting

Baseboards can really alter the look of a room. The low wainscotting in the space above still allows lots of room to hang art, for example, but is more substantial looking than a traditional baseboard. We might have opted for something like this if we weren’t trying to save the originals.

Photo Blog July 7 Desk Baseboards

Even plain baseboards can have a big impact.

Photo Blog July 7 Baseboards Trim Windows Before

Same goes for window trim. In some places our old trim (above) was barely discernable from the wall. (Yes, those are our neighbours’ windows just outside. Ah, city living! Luckily, we like them a lot.)

Photo Blog July 7 Baseboards Trim Windows After

So, a few weekends ago, we set up a workshop in our now kitchen and Justin reconstructed the window trim that was too damaged to save. I painted the pieces as they came down the line. We envied our cat, Smitty, who just lazed about in the sunny backyard all weekend while we worked.

For this project, we found some great old pieces of wood at a salvage shop for $5 that we used for the sides, and then added some new wood and one thin piece of primed MDF to create the rest. Not bad for a weekend’s work.

Now, on to the blinds!

For more on painted window trim, check out Kimberley Brown’s blog post.

Photo credits:
1-2. Catherine MacIntosh
3. sköna hem

4. Côté, photography by Christophe Dugied
5-6. Catherine MacIntosh

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