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Before & After: How To Revamp A Plain Exterior With Plants & Shutters

Even before I was in love with houses, I was in love with gardening. I’ve always dreamed of the day I would have my own yard and place to garden, and so it was with much anticipation and excitement that I started digging in my new plot.

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Fortunately for me, our house came like this, with some existing shrubs and foundation plantings. Looking back on this shot now, I am really glad we painted the trim and got some much-needed shutters! Sheesh!

Once we’d taken possession of the house, I was itching to work on the garden. Before we even moved in, I showed up one day with a pick-up truck full of plants and soil.

I bought these iris through Craigslist, if you can believe it! All I had to do was show up and dig ’em out! It saved me a ton of cash!

When beginning a garden like this, it’s really important to amend the existing soil — especially if it’s dry or high in clay. Add lots of organic matter like composted manure and compost and your plants will thank you for it. Here, I was digging up the old soil, putting it on a tarp, adding organic matter to the hole and then returning the soil from the tarp to the hole. It was a lot of work!

Here are the results around June. The iris were blooming beautifully and there were some foxgloves (one of my favourite flowers) blooming, too!

I especially loved these peachy coloured poppies that I found at my local Walmart. They’re actually kind of a special and rare variety and bloomed like this the first season. I can’t wait to see what they do this year!

For the front entrance, I wanted to soften the stucco archway with some sort of vine or climber. It’s not a great idea to plant vines that cling to the stucco (may cause damage) and I didn’t want a trellis sticking out like a sore thumb all winter, so I opted for annual morning glory vines. I bought these two big potted morning glories because I started late (June) with them and this would catch me up. Normally you’d plant them from seed.

To create a support for the morning glories, I attached string to eye hooks in the eaves and tied them to paint sticks that I hammered into the ground. This way the string blended into the colour of the stucco and the vines had something to grow up.

See what I mean? They climbed quickly and well.

By midsummer, the whole arch was covered in lush foliage and I had the casual, tumbley garden effect I was after. Argh, this house still needed some shutters at this point! At least I’d painted the trim!

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Photo credits:
Michael Penney