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June 6, 2011

New House: The Past Year

By now lots of people have had a chance to see the makeover of our little new/old house out in Oshawa, Ontario. You’ve seen the befores, you’ve seen the afters. You’ve seen the DIYs, the old wallpaper and the crazy thrifty sofa for $100. You’ve seen Sara and I transform an old house into our very own home.

And that’s been the best part — building a home. I’m not really motivated by having the best of the best or the newest, flashiest must-have when it comes to decorating. I believe in creating spaces for living. That’s what we’ve tried to achieve, and it will take years and years to continue to layer and edit and bring ‘us’ to the surface in each room.

So to wrap up the tale of our home’s transformation, here are a few moments from the past year where we got to the best part of our new house — just living in it.

Like cutting flowers from the backyard garden for a casual bouquet in a jug.

Or strolling through the local park — just a stone’s throw from our house.

Trying out new colour combos and piecing the rooms together.

And coming home from flea markets with a car full of goodies that just needed a new home.

How about baking a cake for my mom’s birthday party? It was so great to host in our own dining room and use that swingy door I love so much. It makes for a very impressive birthday-cake-with-candles presentation.

Our very first Christmas in our very first house was exciting, and I think it looked super cute!

In the summer we had breakfasts with family in the dappled light of the backyard. My nephew even spied an intricate spider’s web clinging to our tree.

There were lots of times with friends crowded in for dinner — like Sara’s birthday complete with pompom decorations and streamers.

And the thrill of seeing the tulips and daffodils planted last fall come up through the earth this spring.

It’s been a wonderful first year in our house and as each day passes, and more memories are made, it’s truly transforming from house to home.

Watch all of the Online TV tours of our home, and check out my blog for tips on antique shopping and easy DIYs.

Photo credits:
1-10. Michael Penney