New Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Viola Park simple, charcoal grey with matching countertop

These beautiful kitchen cabinets are from Viola Park. It’s a new mid-priced kitchen company from Henrybuilt. They don’t have any Canadian showrooms, but they will ship to Canada. The website is filled with beautiful images of their clean-lined, no-fuss product line. Finishes include pigmented lacquer in several shades, oak, walnut and bamboo.

Photo: Viola Park charcoal grey cabinets with matching countertop

 Photo: Viola Park, light cabinets with dark countertop, simple clean shelving

Photo: Viola Park, charcoal grey cabinets with matching countertop and shelving

Photo: Viola Park, Snowbound white lower cabinets with  Mega Greige grey upper cabinets

I think the Snowbound white pigmented lacquer (lower cabinets) and Mega Greige grey pigmented lacquer (upper cabinets) is a smart combination. The open-accent cabinet with green frame and walnut drawers is a striking, unexpected detail.

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Photo credits:
Viola Park

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