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Working here at House & Home, we get a lot of invites to a lot of events, from product launches to cocktail parties. We take turns around the office representing the magazine while also seeing what’s what. There was one recent event that four of us went to, though, because we were all interested in the 2011 sneak peek of the President’s Choice and Everyday Essentials lines of countertop appliances.

Photo Blog August 11 PC Home Kitchen Appliances Suzanne Dimma

As we lunched on salads and paninis and sipped PC naturally flavoured sparkling sodas, editor in chief Suzanne Dimma, deputy editor Hilary Smyth, style editor Morgan Michener and I took turns “oohing” and “ahhing” at the smart design elements of the PC line. We were equally impressed with the unbelievable price points of the Everyday Essentials line: most are less than $20, with many costing half that.

Now, the next time your father says, “Back in my day, a corned beef on rye was a nickel, and a coffee grinder cost $10,” you can say, “Pops, my new Everyday Essentials coffee grinder was just $9.99!”

Here are five of my favourites from the vast PC lineup:

Photo Blog August 11 PC Home Kitchen Appliances Oven

6 Slice Toaster Oven: $49.99

Marvel at the sleek mirror glass door, the groovy dials, the 120-minute timer and the six-slice capacity. But the best thing about this toaster oven is something you can’t even see. The backside is bumped out so that you can fit an entire 12” frozen pizza in it. With the money you’ll save on delivery, it’ll pay for itself in a week.

Photo Blog August 11 PC Home Kitchen Appliances Juicer

700 Watt Pure Juice Extractor: $99.99

I don’t have a juicer, but if I did this looks like a solid bet, with its solid steel construction and extra large feed chute that juices whole fruits and vegetables. Pretty enough for the counter, powerful enough to get the job done.

Photo Blog August 11 PC Home Kitchen Appliances Grill

4 in 1 Ultimate Appliance: $79.99

This is a contact grill, panini press, open grill, and open griddle that can be used in the open, flat or closed position; the floating back hinge automatically adjusts to the thickness of your sandwiches or burgers. You can make flapjacks on one half while frying bacon on the other. Use your free hand to set the breakfast table.

Photo Blog August 11 PC Home Kitchen Appliances Knife

Electric Knife: $12.99

The last time I saw someone using a carving knife, Reagan was still in power. But it looks like the electric knife is back. We’re about to photograph the recipes for the November issue’s turkey feast, so be sure to pick one up for the big bird before the holidays.

Photo Blog August 11 PC Home Kitchen Appliances Popcorn

Popcorn Maker: $14.99

Are you like me, and think you’re slowly being poisoned by microwaveable popcorn? Maybe it’s time to make the switch with this cheap and cheerful eight-cup capacity air popper that pops your kernels in four minutes flat, sans oil.

For more kitchen favourites, check out our Top Five Kitchen Gadgets video.

Photo credits:
1. Amy Rosen
2-6. President’s Choice and Everyday Essentials

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