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I’m lucky to be the Friday blogger because today happens to be the kickoff for one of the biggest design events of the year, the Interior Design Show (IDS). Last night was the vodka and bubbly-fuelled opening schmooze party, which is actually so much fun because you get a sneak peek of the show with a free roaming pass (and drinks!). It kind of feels like you’re in one of those movies where they sneak into a museum after hours, only louder.


Photo: Tag Vodka

One of the best reasons to go to the party though, is that you can usually roam through the Space Concepts exhibit at your own pace. This year, my sharp and stylish friend — and longtime House & Home contributor — Arren Williams was one of the four designers chosen to create one of these concept rooms. True to the Arren I know, he took his 700 square feet and achieved a modern, sexy, fashion-forward his-and-hers bathroom. You might not believe it from these before and work-in-progress shots (check out Arren’s blog to see more):

Photo: before photos of modern, sexy, fashion-forward his/her bathroom

I always find it fascinating to learn what inspired a look or theme. For this ultimate-in-luxury bathroom, Arren took his design cue from none other than the chrome and plum colours of Calvin Klein Euphoria’s perfume bottle and packaging by Coty. If you’ve seen the latest Euphoria commercial/video it’s easy to see how he could be inspired to recreate the sensual, shadowy moodiness… “not to mention gorgeous supermodel Natalia Vodianova,” as he says.

Photo: insiration shot from Calvin Klein Euphoria's perfume

This is the rendering of Arren’s sketch of the ‘hers’ side of the bathroom:

Photo: Arren's sketch of her side of bathroom

After seeing it in person, I can tell you this is a dream bathroom — being black it’s also hot on trend. Never mind the Italian floor tiles that look like wet asphalt, the sexy black fixtures and wallpaper and the subtle touch of traditional Victorian elements Arren works into the mix, my favourite part is that the his-and-hers areas are separate but joined by a meditation area with extra-large floor cushions. Second favourite part is the sultry dimness that echoes the shadowy flickering light of the Euphoria video. So sexy and sophisticated.

IDS bathroom

This is the rendering in real life. That’s Arren on the right giving a tour. 

Bev Hisey Bathroom Floor Cushion

This is a corner of the meditation area with one of Bev Hisey’s cool new butterfly floor cushions. 

Photo: Textured wallpaper on folding screens

Here’s a close up of the textured wallpaper that’s on the folding screens surrounding the walk-in shower. I love this idea — a brilliant way to make wallpaper work in a bathroom! This paper happens to be scrubbable, splash-resistant, and UV resistant, so I wouldn’t hesitate to cover a whole bathroom in it.

If you do tour the Ultimate spaces, don’t skip Bisha (the last one). The collaboration between nightclub king Charles Khabouth’s Ink Entertainment and designers Munge Leung is impressive and slick — an experience (and brilliant marketing) well-planned down to every last detail. 

The IDS is open to the public Saturday and Sunday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre — be sure to check out the trend talks with Suzanne Dimma and Mark Challen and stop by the House & Home booth to say hi and watch from behind the scenes of our Online TV show!

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