New Wallpaper From Fromental

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a weakness for standout wallpaper. Take the offerings of Brit design studio Fromental, for example. Each of its designs is a stunning piece of wall decor that adds a distinct sense of luxury to the walls it adorns — and to be clear, describing it as luxurious is definitely deliberate. Fromental is known for its custom installations of dyed-silk wallpaper that has been painted or embroidered with intricate designs. (See: the brand’s new pattern, a hand-dyed, lacquered design inspired by Chinese mountains.) Suffice to say, slightly out of our budget. Until now, that is. The 10-year-old studio recently debuted a new, slightly more affordable line of printed wallpapers under a diffusion brand, Studio Fromental. It’s not quite embroidered walls, but we’ll take it.

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Stacy Lee Kong
Wallpaper, Studio Fromental.