June 26, 2009

New Ways With Asparagus

grilling asparagus on cast iron pan

Local asparagus is still available, and while you might be tired of it, I say bring it on. But maybe it’s time for a new spin on the stalk.

Although small spears get more attention, experts know it’s the fat asparagus spears that are the tastiest. To prepare the stalks, fill the sink with cold water and let the asparagus soak for about 10 minutes. Then give them a vigorous swish to dislodge any little bits of soil from the heads. Hold each stalk near the bottom and bend it until it snaps off — this is the natural place where the asparagus stalk become very woody. If the remaining stalks still feel quite tough, use a vegetable peeler on them.

Creamy pasta with asparagus

My current favourite way to cook them is either roasted in the oven or grilled on the barbecue. I always cook twice as much as I’ll eat at one sitting — the leftovers make a great addition to creamy pastas, cheese and onion omelettes, frittatas, even tuna salad wraps.

Mario Batali's raw asparagus salad

But I’m going to try Mario Batali’s raw asparagus salad tonight. It would be a great alternative to the Sugar Snaps And Pea Tendrils Recipe from our July 2009 issue.

For another delicious asparagus recipe, check out our Roasted Asparagus With Bacon Recipe.

Photo credits:
The Kitchn