New York Fashion Week

Right now, it’s Fashion Week in New York, and some of the world’s biggest designers (Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger) are showing the clothes we’ll all be clamouring for next fall and winter. It’s the kind of event that gets trend watchers buzzing about the next “it” items. But it’s not just the Anna Wintours, Daphne Guinesses and Bill Cunninghams of this world looking to the runways for the latest styles — interior designers are also keeping tabs on the newest looks. You never know when a fabric used by Calvin Klein or a shade of green on a Kate Spade frock will inspire a gorgeous interior. I’ve been keeping a close, curious eye too (which is easy to do by following fashion writers on Twitter), and below are five trends that I predict we’ll see in interior design:

Black leather has been all over the runways this week, like this Alexander Wang trench worn by supermodel — and Tom Brady’s wife — Gisele Bündchen.

Leather or not, black has generally been pretty ubiquitous, like the above outfit from Victoria Beckham.

Deep blues and rich reds have also been front and centre, like the above styles from Jil Sander. Isn’t this supposed to be the year of Tangerine Tango?

Maybe it’s because of the world’s love of Downton Abbey, but historical references have been popping up on the runways, including Donna Karan’s 1920s gangster pieces (left) and Dickensian, neo-Victoriana flourishes from Marc Jacobs (right) — think oversized wide brim hats and shoes with giant buckles. Both designers used hats from London milliner Stephen Jones.

There have been a lot of quirky texture mash-ups, like the pairing of soft, slick and rough from Prabal Gurung (a favourite designer of Michelle Obama!).

Sharp tailoring, strong lines and bold details (like prominant zippers and big buttons) have been a focus, like the above architectural looks from Canadian Jeremy Laing or Tommy Hilfiger.

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