Prada’s Latest Catwalk Will Make You Want To Make Your Bed

Italian fashion powerhouse Prada created a decidedly domestic (and democratic) setting for their Autumn/Winter 2017 catwalk. Designed by Dutch studio AMO, the runway was punctuated by neatly made beds dressed in colorful bedding, and banquette seating. The usually hotly contested front row format was jettisoned, and audience members were seated in civilized mini rooms separated by dividers covered in tiles, terrazzo or Formica plastic laminate to give each space a distinctive “room-like” feel.

“The partitions, with their limited height, act as a screen between the different rooms, providing an individual perspective to each observer, while still allowing views of the models behind the boiserie,” said AMO. “All the guests share the same personal yet collective experience.”

Prada has collaborated with AMO for many years — a pairing that grew out of a friendship between founders Miuccia Prada and Rem Koolhaas.

Wendy Jacob