Decorating & Design

December 10, 2008

Noise-Reducing Windows

Q. I live next to a highway in Ottawa. I need new window coverings in my bedroom that will help dampen the noise but won’t aggravate my asthma. What are my options?

— L.M., Ottawa

A. As an asthma sufferer, you’ll want to avoid putting up heavy fabric drapery in your home and choose shades or blinds instead. There are some available on the market today that help reduce noise. For example, Hunter Douglas offers a noise-absorbing shade called the Duette Honeycomb that also happens to be energy efficient while offering considerable light blocking qualities. For more information on this product, have a look at the company’s Web site (

Another option (that you might consider pairing with the honeycomb blinds) is noise-reducing windows. Installed in front of your existing windows, they create a sound barrier that, according to the manufacturers’ Web sites, helps block out 25% to 90% of exterior noise. For more information on this type of window, visit Cityproof or Citiquiet. You may need to do a bit of research to find a distributor in your area, but this just may be your solution to getting a good night’s sleep.