Nuts For Soma

One of the perks of working at House & Home is its close proximity to Toronto’s Soma Chocolatemaker, which is, without exaggeration, one of the best chocolate shops on the planet. David Castellan, who co-owns Soma with his wife, Cynthia Leung, is a brilliant pastry chef and one of the only chocolatiers in the country who does bean-to-bar chocolate. (It’s hauntingly good stuff.)

Always tinkering away on new ideas, the soft-spoken Castellan recently released a heavenly nut butter called Majoun.

“It’s based on a spread from an old chocolate store in Torino called Pfatisch,” he wrote in a recent email. “It’s basically Nutella made with almonds and without cocoa powder so it’s a blonde colour. I recreated the formula, and to reference Nutella, I added roasted organic Madagascar cocoa nibs instead of the usual Dutched cocoa powder.”

Because Castellan stays away from hydrogenated fats, the spread is a little stiff. But once it hits warm toast it turns soft, shiny and silky. It’s deeply flavoured with perfectly roasted hazelnuts and almonds, and the cocoa nibs give it a bitter, chocolatey crunch. It’s $14 for a jar, but well worth it. Breakfast will never be the same again.

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1. Eric Vellend

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