Frida Kahlo Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray at the Textile Museum of Canada

The world is hardly unfamiliar with Frida Kahlo’s face. The painter-slash-artistic icon is known for her rich, evocative self-portraits, and her personal life has been a source of almost endless interest — and inspiration. (See: the movie Frida, in 2002; Beyonce’s Halloween costume, in 2014; many, many exhibits of her work, spanning decades.) But this collection of 50 photos by Hungarian photographer Nickolas Muray, on view now at the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto, is literally another way of looking at Frida. The two were in the midst of an on-again, off-again, decade-long affair when he started photographing her and the intimacy of their relationship shows. We especially love the colour photos; their lush, saturated hues are reminiscent of Frida’s own work.

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