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May 10, 2010

Ontario Blossom Tour

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Bus

Last Thursday, fellow editor Stephanie White and I went on one serious garden road trip. Invited by Loblaws and President’s Choice, we hopped onto a giant bus for a tour of some of PC’s garden greenhouse partners. We sped down the highway to Grimsby, Ontario and into a world of fresh air, orchards and nursery plants as far as the eye can see.

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Flowers

Along with learning about 2010’s hottest plants and gardening trends, Steph and I got to see how and where these plants are grown. Some of the growing techniques are fascinating, as well as eco-friendly! Steph’s going to tell you more about that in her blog tomorrow…

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Purple Flowers Orchard

Just look at all of those flowers! I love how you can see the orchard just outside the windows.

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Herbs

PC is famous for their Gigantico plants that come to the consumer quite a bit larger and more established than other plants. It really gets you off to a great start and helps your garden fill in quickly for a beautiful effect. This Gigantico basil starts off teeny-tiny, for instance, but grows quickly in ideal conditions.

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Pesto

Mmmmm, pesto anyone? Freeman Herbs is one of the family-run growers that supplies PC with plants each year. Check out these biodegradable pots made from recycled coco fibres. They break down quickly and can be transported and planted. These tomato roots are already growing right through the pot!

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Garden

After a few tours, we headed to The Good Earth, an event caterer and cooking school. Steph and I were enchanted!

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Table Flowers

The lunch was so delicious and fresh and the views were spectacular. We dined in beautiful surroundings, complete with a casual bough of blossoms to greet us on the fireplace mantel. So lovely and spring-y. PC and Loblaws were fantastic hosts.

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Wine Flowers

I loved the charming labels and logo on The Good Earth prepared products and wine bottles. And you can’t go wrong with a simple, honest arrangement of garden-fresh flowers like this. And the humble mustard jar vessel? C’mon!

Photo Blog May 10 Greenhouse Press Trip Greenhouse Workers

Wouldn’t you love to spend your days among the flowers like these two?

With so many beautiful sights and smells, how could we not be inspired to garden? Thankfully, grocery garden centres like Loblaws are not too expensive and have really diversified their offerings. By partnering with companies like these, Canadian gardeners are spoiled for choice.

For more gardening tips, check out our Easy To Grow Plants & Blooms photo gallery.

Photo credits:
Michael Penney