Open-Space Colour Quandary

For the past few days here at House & Home I have been working on a colour feature with a few of my colleagues. Because of this I have actually been able to choose a few hues to try for the main room in my own home. I live in a loft-style condo, so choosing a wall colour has been difficult. This colour will have to carry throughout many different rooms, so it needs to be quite neutral. But at the same time, I would like it to have a bit of punch.

I have finally decided on two shades. Both are from Benjamin Moore. I like Pebble Beach (1597) for the walls and Gunmetal (1602) for the baseboards and door trims.

This combination will still keep the space feeling open and airy, but the bold trim accents will add a sense of drama and style.

Picture of the finished product to come!

Benjamin Moore’s Pebble Beach.

Benajmin Moore’s Gunmetal.

And here is a serene guest room painted in Pebble Beach — subtle, but more dramatic than white.

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Photo credits:
1-2. Benjamin Moore
3. The Old Painted Cottage blog

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