Oversized Mirrors

I love the look of big things in small spaces. While browsing for my own rooms, I find I’m drawn to giant pendant lights, oversized baskets, looming wardrobes and colossal paintings — the items that pop without overcrowding, instantly winning your attention. The relentless concern is how to keep the room from looking too small with these big items. I say it’s an easy fix — add another huge object and make it a mirror.

A king-size mirror propped against a wall will reflect light and double the visual size of your room — the result is really lovely.

Check out some examples of oversized mirrors below.

This elegant Palladian mirror from Restoration Hardware is pretty high up on my “maybe one day” wish list.

How have you used mirrors in your cramped spaces? Comment below!

Learn how to make your own oversized mirror in this DIY video.

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