Oz: Decor Inspired By The Movie

I blame Dorothy for my inordinate love of shoes. What five-year-old girl wouldn’t be mesmerized by sparkly red slippers that have the power to transport you to another time and place? (I still think certain pairs of heels can do that.) I loved The Wizard of Oz as a child, and not just for Dorothy’s ruby red slippers — I adored the whole magical world.

I can’t wait to see the newest cinematic adaption, Oz: The Great and Powerful — I’ll also see anything with James Franco in it, but I digress. I held out this past weekend to avoid opening weekend pandemonium but I’m hoping to catch it this week.

In celebration of the film, HSN has released a limited edition collection of whimsical home accessories inspired by the movie. These fun, colourful accents capture the film’s spirit of adventure and fantasy.

An homage to Oz’s epic journey, these throw pillows are decorated with emblems of travel like maps, birds and hot air balloons. A sprinkle of sequins adds a bit of sparkle. Use them in a children’s bedroom or on a neutral sofa.

Regal birds like peacocks seem like they would be right at home in Oz. Hang these framed prints in a library or home office.

Opt for a rug reminiscent of a dusk sky or decorated with exotic peacock feathers to infuse your home with the mystical atmosphere of Oz.

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1-5. HSN

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