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A few years ago, Linda Fargo, SVP and women’s fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman, graciously offered up her New York apartment to my dad, who was flying in for the weekend to join me for a book launch. It was a tiny but beautiful place that she had completely wallpapered with pages torn from an illustrated bird book. Linda started out as a window dresser — first at Macy’s and then Bergdorf’s, where she eventually took charge of the store’s overall visuals — so she knows a thing or two about making a strong statement in a small space. (Her window designs were celebrated in Assouline’s 2003 book, Dreams Through the Glass.)

Photo Blog August 5 Books Pages As Wallpaper Birds

Sadly, I didn’t snap pics, but when I stumbled on the image above, I remembered how much I loved the look.

Photo Blog August 5 Books Pages As Wallpaper Lamp

Here’s a similar effect in a powder room by Hollywood designer Joe Nye.

Photo Blog August 5 Books Pages As Wallpaper Bathroom

If you’re more of a minimalist, stick to black and white type. Try pages from your favourite book.

Photo Blog August 5 Books Pages As Wallpaper

Or photocopy newsprint. Notice how the paper is pasted right over the mouldings, a chic little detail.

Photo Blog August 5 Books Pages As Wallpaper Desk Home Office

In this shot, it appears as if a book’s pages have just been haphazardly tacked up. Think of it as taking a mood board to a whole new scale.

Photo Blog August 5 Books Pages As Wallpaper Dictionary

I’m filing this idea away for when I have space for dedicated home office. To explain, I have to let you in on a dirty little secret: I’m a terrible speller! I check about a thousand times a day. This room is pasted with pages from a dictionary. How perfect is that? Click here for DIY instructions.

For another use for old book pages, check out our DIY Canvas Art Online TV segment.

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