Best Paint Colors

December 16, 2009

Painted Doors

Photo: black painted front door

So I noticed that many readers are confused as to whether or not to paint the backs of their doors (obviously I just discovered how much you folks chat in the forums — where have I been?). I say yes, do it. Of course, a classic semi-gloss black is always a good choice — it’s the little black dress for this sort of thing. And I would encourage you to do the black option when you have several doors to paint in a small area (an upper hallway) or when there are many doors leading from one room (dining room to hall to kitchen to wherever). Always a great choice.

Photo: yellow painted door

But take it from me, this is also a great place for colour. I have woken up thinking about yellow doors after seeing this image.

Photo: red painted door

A while back, some design editors painted a front door’s backside red for a shoot, and I loved it. Home I went with the leftover paint and dedicated myself to coats and coats of red — and at first I thought, wow, that is weird. But months have now passed and I love my red door, it just took some getting used to is all. That whole white door thing now seems so boring.

What do you think of my wonderful red door? Any colours you are thinking of trying? (I say pale blue, or, of course, butter yellow).

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Photo credits:
1. Little Green Notebook
2. Anna Kern, from Daisy Pink Cupcake, July 7, 2009
3. Meg Crossley