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October 29, 2009

Painted Window Frames

Photo: New York Designer, Steven Gambrel - black window frames

From the moment I saw this house by New York designer Steven Gambrel, I’ve been considering painting the window frames in my apartment black — or at least a dark grey. Like this space, the rest of my walls are white, so the effect could be quite striking. I think. Here’s the catch: my lovely tall windows look about as old as the building, which is Victorian. I’m not sure if it’s the zillion coats of paint on their frames that makes them wonky or if the frames are warping. It’s probably both, which means they’re not sleek and precise like the ones in this gorgeous image below by photographer Laura Resen.

Photo: Dining room with black window frames

But I’m a woman obsessed. Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s international colour consultant, once told me that trim painted something other than ubiquitous white instantly makes a space feel more decorated. Since windows are a natural focal point, they’re a great spot for an unexpected hit of colour.

Photo: kitchen by Chicago design firm de Giulio - blue windows

This kitchen by Chicago design firm de Giulio comes to life thanks to its perfect blue windows.

Photo: white dining room shot by Annie Schlechter

But just when I’m ready to put down the drop cloth, I come across a room like this one, shot by photographer Annie Schlechter.

Like my own place, I wonder, would it look as good if the windows were framed by colour? I’m a woman obsessed.

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Photo credits:
Steven Gambrel’s Oceanside Modernist
Laura Resen
de Giulio Kitchen Design
Annie Schlechter