Painting Heritage Floors

Many of the heritage homes in my neighborhood have gone up for sale over the last few months and I’ve spent several Saturday afternoons walking through and taking in their charm and individuality. One of my favourite aspects about these old homes is the original flooring, and the beautiful ways it ages with the house. A quirky bump or a hole contributes to the character that has developed over the century.

With proper care a solid wood floor will last a lifetime if not more; however, some types can end up looking tired over the years. Sanding and re-staining are standard procedures to freshen up old hardwood but what about painting? I would be hesitant to alter the original look of a home, but these beautifully painted hardwood changed my mind.

This understated hallway is simply gorgeous with diamond-clad floors. The original layout is still visible beneath the paint, keeping the original charm of the entryway.


Glossy pastel blue floors complement the modest white walls in this pretty little dining room.


Although I love the contrast of rich dark floors and snowy white walls, white on white is a refreshing alternative. The stainless steel seems to melt into this frosty palette, making the wood accents pop.


This all-wood entryway seems cabin-like with full-length white stripes. The contrast of paint and stain is cosy and welcoming.


I love the little imperfections that come with old hardwood. My last home had a heart-shaped hole as soon as you stepped through the front door. Lavish black floors are a great way to disguise blemishes, but there is something really lovely about an old home that flaunts its flaws.

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