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August 11, 2009

Patio Furniture Facelift

It’s been 2-1/2 years since I purchased my patio furniture, but already it could use a facelift. When I bought it, not all the pieces were painted the same colour and the odd blue-grey hue really needed an update. The seat strapping is made of plastic, but the rest of the furniture is ironwork, so I need a product to work with both materials. I finally found the right one, and some time, this past weekend for a little makeover.

Before image

Enter Rust-Oleum Universal. Since it covers ironwork and plastic, I knew I’d found the perfect solution. It comes in a spray application, so all I required was a non-windy day and drop sheets over the lawn.

Rust-Oleum Universal

Between thunderstorms this past weekend, I dove right in. One hour and four bottles of Rust-Oleum Universal later, the job was complete. The clean spray application was perfect (no messy clean-up of brushes, etc.). Plus, as long as you keep on moving, the paint goes on smoothly — I haven’t found a drip yet!

Patio Furniture - after

Patio Furniture - after detail shot

Patio Furniture - after detail shot

So, for approximately $55, I managed to transform my patio furniture. I’m so happy with the results! Now all I need to do is transform my backyard — inspiration below!

Inspiration photo

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Photo credits:
1-5. Sarah Hartill
Joy von Tiedemann, as seen in the July 2009 issue of House & Home magazine