Pink Kitchens

I’ve been posting and sharing photos via Pinterest for a while now, but one photo in particular has garnered so much interest from fellow Pinterest users that I had to share it with you. I call it the “man-repeller kitchen”.

The sea of cotton candy colours and soft curves caught my eye immediately. Reminiscent of an Easy-Bake Oven dream kitchen, this pastel palette is sure to make your girlfriends squeal and your boyfriend gag. Although I wouldn’t attempt this sorbet overload in my own home, I couldn’t control my awe of the adorable decor. And so began my search for other pretty pink kitchens…

Clearly, this trend is as old as Formica. This vintage postwar kitchen looks kitschy, but still shows that some trends require very little updating. Those chairs are classic, the white subway tile is timeless, the pendant light screams Ikea, and according to Pantone, honeysuckle is the colour of the year! I say, replace the carpet and hardware and you’ve got a hot little princess kitchen.

This one’s a gem, too! The hardware is pretty current and the fridge and range are lovely. All this one needs is a shiny new countertop.

Elmira makes retro-chic appliances that are available in a variety of colours. I think it’s the perfect focal point for a kitchen if you don’t want colour on your cupboards.

Here’s a contemporary version of the ultra-pink kitchen — sans AstroTurf. Maple flooring, stainless steel appliances and black stone countertop are all that this space needed to be brought into the 21st century. I suggest you pick your colour judiciously and keep the walls neutral. You wouldn’t want a nauseating Pepto-Bismol disaster where you prepare your food.

If you’re still longing for pink but can’t stand the Malibu Barbie look, try a more subtle approach with a pink tiled backsplash and rosy-hued accessories that you can keep on display. This look will offer more flexibility if you suddenly decide that yellow’s the new pink…

Hopefully these photos inspire you to add the ultimate girly colour to your kitchen. Dare to fill your space with a rainbow of ice cream colours that will leave you and your guests dreaming of sugarplums and gumdrops. Craving more? Check out our Colourful Spring Rooms photo gallery for other pretty ideas.

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