Pinning Dreams

I must admit, I’m guilty of pinning dreams on Pinterest: pins that are so glorious and eye-catching you can’t resist adding them to your “Inspiration” or “Must Buy” boards, when really, you’ll never own any of those things in a million years. Let me quickly share a few with you:

Ah, the ever-dreamy lofty glass house! Last I checked, I live in Canada, it’s snowing in April, and hydro still isn’t free. Maybe I’ll just buy a cloche and let my cactus live out my glass house fantasies.

I just had to pin this (most likely expensive) freestanding, round statement tub that won’t fit most normal-sized bathrooms. All that’s missing is a Persian rug at the foot of the tub.

This one’s been repinned quite a few times. I’m fairly certain there aren’t many people spending weeks moving their furniture, laying out drop-sheets, meticulously applying masking tape and covering their 14-foot ceilings and walls with two very daring colours that they’ll grow sick of within months. But I had to pin it. I love it. And I can guarantee you I will never attempt it.

I couldn’t finish this blog post without mentioning the Serge Mouille lamps. I’ve pinned every one of them, again and again. I know these fixtures might not be completely out of reach for some people, but for me, it goes like this: an original Serge Mouille or a first-class trip to Bora Bora? And that is why this is another Pinterest dream.

Now I understand that inspiration boards are meant to be just that: a place to gather ideas and jostle your creativity. I’m definitely not done pinning dreams and hope that you keep pinning “big” too.

For the old fashioned type of inspiration board, see Wendy Jacob’s blog post about H&H editors’ offices.

Photo credits:
1. Openhouse
2. Interior design by Chelsea Hing, via The Design Files
3. Farrow & Ball
4. Metropolitan Home

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